Are you sick and tired of spending your spare time cleaning your home from top to bottom? If the answer to that question is yes, then you are going to be very happy with what I am about to tell you. Automated machines have been taught to scan a room and detect objects that are not in there correct place and then move them to where they should reside. The application for such robots is limitless and it won’t be long until they are used in industry.

The grasping of an object by a robot was achieved with relative ease but placing said object on a non-flat surface proved a lot more difficult. The University of Arizona has developed robotic machines that can place objects in 3D places, overcoming many obstacles. The same robot can also survey a room and make logical decisions about which objects are where they should be and which are out of place. An infrared device is used to create a 3d model of the room and then all decisions are made based on this default image. The robot can then navigate the room and identify anomalies that contradict this model.

This model is further subdivided into blocks based on colour and depth, which is then manipulated by the robots software. This program allows the robot to identify local and foreign objects, before making a decision about where in the room they should be placed. This program also takes into consideration unknown objects that may be placed in the room and calculates where they are likely to be held. The robot is also taught about certain objects and has a huge catalogue of household objects that is stored on its hard drive. It also has a huge catalogue of places where these objects should be placed and makes decisions based on these catalogues.

The robot was put through a rigorous testing regime and achieved results in the ninetieth percentile. It had often been prophesised that robots will play a huge part in our everyday life and with every advancing year, that’s a prophecy that is running true. Advanced robotics is a leading technology that is shining the light on a brave new future that will leave every aspect of our liver over seen by automated machines. For more information on this click here.